If You Have One Day, What's Your Adventure? Seamus Mullen in Vermont

On Friday, October 14, we will remind all of you of your God-given right to ditch out of work to raft, hike, learn how to surf, or take a motorcycle tour — basically to do any fun outdoors thing you've been putting off. National Day of Adventure is a skip day for adults where we encourage you to take a single-day adventure that will turn your sick day into a sick! day.

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Here, we asked renowned chef Seamus Mullen what adventure he'd take on if he had one day to do it. Here's what he said.

Matthias Giraud's Epic Day in Oregon[2]

“For National Day of Adventure, I’d basically load up a bike and blaze up I-87 or the Taconic north to Albany, and then cut across into Vermont, and then to the town of Bristol, which is where I would start my adventure. And basically, what we would be doing is called a “Six Gap Ride.” The gaps are Lincoln Gap, Appalachian Gap, Roxbury Gap, Rochester Gap, Brandon Gap, and my favorite of all, the Middlebury Gap, which gives you the most epic of descents ever on the far side [of the gap]. You can cruise down, and easily get up to 60 mph on your bicycle. And when you get to the bottom you can get ice cream at probably the best ice cream shop I’ve ever been to, get some snacks, and sit down and have a cup of coffee and relish the fact that you’ve only got another 30 or 40 miles to go to get back to Bristol and finish up your ride.”


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