6 Sauce Recipes You Should Know

6 Sauce Recipes You Should Know

Sauces are one of the key foundations to great cooking and having a good grasp of the five basic mother sauces[1] is something that’s still taught in most culinary classes.

The best thing about sauces is that you really can go anywhere with them and this collection of videos from ChefSteps [2]shows some good examples.

The videos cover a number of different sauces: a wonderful BBQ sauce, a quick pan sauce, red wine sauce, piccata sauce, a cheese sauce and a romesco sauce.

There are instructions on how to create each recipe at home and for those wanting to jump in and learn more, there’s a whole heap of wonderful resources over on ChefSteps.[3]

Cheese Sauce

Piccata Sauce

Romesco Sauce

Quick Pan Sauce

Red Wine Sauce


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