The Winning Plant Identification App

The Winning Plant Identification App

The rush to create an app that can identify plants from a simple picture has been on for a while now. We’ve highlighted a number of different plant identification apps in the past but many of them seem plagued by dodgy connection problems and bugs. 


With this in mind we decided to look more closely at the apps on the market and try to understand which one performs the task of identifying plants the best. 


The winner by far has to be Plant Snapp[1] which has received solid reviews online and very positive customer reviews in the app store. 


The app combines a database of plants alongside paid horticultural experts to ensure people get the most accurate identification. Those who want advice on certain plants also have the option to speak with experts directly through the app. 


The first few attempts are free but after this users will have to take a membership to have access to an unlimited number of plant identification requests. This app does charge where others don’t but this enables them to have horticultural experts on their staff - invaluable when it comes to identifying tricky strains. 


It has one of the highest overall customer ratings for plant identification apps with many reporting on how well the app does its job. 


You want to know what that beautiful flower is on your way to work? Plant Snapp it. 



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