Watch: 14 Ways to Cook a Potato

The humble potato[1]. The workhorse of the vegetable world; whether fried, mashed, boiled, baked ... It's one of nature's most delicious and versatile culinary gifts, which is what makes this timeless video (below) of potatoes, 14 ways so appealing.

Showcasing the potato in all its glory, Food, People, Places have managed to effortlessly capture what it is about the spud that has the capacity to excite as well, as being the defining detail of a successful dish. From haute cuisine to comfort food, the potato in some of our favourite forms is celebrated.

In just a few minutes potatoes are cooked in 14 different ways, from the usual favourites including potato salad, and potato chips with the skin on and fries with the skin off, to citrusy skordalia and irresistible aligot, through to more exotic knedle (potato dough dumplings filled with plums), pommes souffles, and of course there's always space for golden rosti [2]cooked to perfection.

So sit back and relax as you disappear into the hot, steamy, buttery, deep fried, creamy and unctuous world of the spud in all its glory, where the potato steps up as the undisputed star.

Now where's the ketchup...


Watch: 14 Ways to Cook a Potato

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