Watch Chefs Plating at The Nobel Prize Banquet

Watch Chefs Plating at The Nobel Prize Banquet

On December 10th 40 chefs inside Stockholm’s City Hall got ready to create a banquet for over 1000 VIP guests, royalty, celebrities and Nobel Laureates.

That’s because this weekend saw the annual Nobel banquet take place, with chef Sayan Isaksson from the Esperanto restaurant in charge of cooking up the feast.

The food at the banquet is famously fancy and, as Fredrik Eriksson - a gastronomy consultant to the Nobel Foundation for over 10 years - said: “The banquet is held in extremely high regard internationally and the quality of the food served must be absolutely world-class.”

There are 1,300 guests in total and they must be served simultaneously, no easy task. The menu is kept a tight secret before the banquet but we can bring you the videos below that show you some of the dishes developed by Isaksson for the event.

Starter - Charcoal baked langoustine and scallop, served with nettles, ramson and pickled winter apples.

Main Course - Quail in black garlic & leek ash with Jerusalem artichoke, wild mushrooms, jus of roasted chicken skin.

Dessert - Cloud of sudachi fruit, cloudberry sorbet, miso crumbs and deep-fried rice paper.

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